• A well chosen colour scheme can dramatically enhance the appearance and value of your home. Select the main colour first then choose the contrasting accent colours to highlight specific points. Where light, pastel colours are used as body colours for home, deeper trim colours can be used effectively to give distinction if used on sills, shutters, doors and other features. Window frames and door surrounds done in High Gloss White then adds emphasis to these other colours used.
  • Remember that deep colours tend to advance, whereas light colours receed, so that in effect pastel colours make a room larger than dark colours would. On the sunny side of your home, cool greens and blues are ideal, but conversely cooler rooms require more warmth in their colour planning from the use of pinks, yellows and golden tones. Too many bold colours together cancel each other out, so use them with descretion for the best effect. Whatever combination of colours you adopt, white skirtings, architraves and surrounds are always complimentary, adding depth to the other toning that has been used.


We have a wide variety of standard colours available *(click images for colour pallettes)*

Super Sheen Colours

Super Sheen Acrylic

Interior & Exterior Usage

Excellent Washability & Stain Resistant

Covers 8m² per Litre

Application : Brush & Roller

Roof & Enamel Colours

Acrylic Roof & High Gloss Enamels

Excellent UV Resistants

Coarse Tile Covers 3m²

IBR Sheeting 5m² per Litre

Application : Brush & Roller

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